The words “property manager” often conjure up thoughts of professional services that are of benefit to the vacation homeowner.  But if you are going to be renting for your next vacation, you will soon find out that they are also extremely beneficial to you.

The property manager is usually the first person you will speak with concerning your rental.  From your first question – until you check-out – you will find that they are the person you can rely on to make sure things go right.

The job description of a property manager is fairly extensive.  They hire cleaning and maintenance staff, work with repair service companies, and in the case of Cape Coral Home Away, they supervise the Boat Captain. 

They check to make sure COVID cleaning practices are in place and actually happening. They look for the little things that will make you feel at home from the moment you pull in the driveway.

They are responsible for all communications, follow-up, invoicing and they usually have permission to set discounts at certain times with potential customers.

But the most important role they play is to ensure that you have a fabulous vacation stay in the home they manage.

How will you know if you have a great property manager?

  • They are excited to see your reservation and they let you know continually what to expect.
  • They answer questions such as: What did the first payment include? When is the last payment due? What if something happens that I need to cancel? What is the best method of communicate with them?  Those first few communications will show if they are responsive to your questions and help you feel good about the reservation.
  • They will make sure you have advance notice about check-in, that you know how to get in the home any time of day or night, are available in case of a problem with check-in, and will help you feel settled the first night of your stay.

They usually provide a welcome guide which should include: 

1. Passwords for entry doors and the garage and WiFi

2. Contact information on how to reach them and house rules

3. How to operate things in the home such as the pool, spa, temperature controls and in the case of Cape Coral Home Away – how to set your appointment with the boat captain and learning the use of the boat.

4. Where to go for essentials such as groceries, banking, wine/beer, pharmacies, or hospitals for emergencies

5. Things to do in the surrounding areas (i.e., beaches, parks, hiking, entertainment).

6. The best restaurants and

7. Check-out requirements and instructions

Property managers are also concerned about your safety, whether it is with working smoke alarms or ensuring you know how to use the amenities of the home. 

Our property management team ensures that our boat, pool, spa and appliances are in good working order. They also help you understand the weather patterns for using a boat and when it will be best to head out with the boat.

Customer service reigns!  Renting a home for your vacation, and the overall experience, will be dependent on the person managing the home. They represent the best that they owner has to offer.  The only thing they can’t control is weather!

Enjoy your vacation!

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