Pool and Spa Usage Policies

The pool, spa and grotto at Cape Coral Home Away are incredible amenities for our guests to enjoy.  When you check in there is a welcome folder explaining how the home functions and our house rules and policies.   Below are the pool and spa policies that we ask guests to adhere to.  Please direct any questions to the property manager regarding the operation of the these.

1)  In order for the spa, pool, and waterfall to operate optimally, all settings, including heating, are maintained by the pool management staff only.  We respectively ask that guests do not attempt to change any settings, as it can cause breakage or excessive energy usage.  Guests can be charged for breakage and excessive energy usage.

2)  The pool is heated to 84 degrees in the winter months.  The setting may not be changed.  In the summer months, heat assistance is not necessary for the pool.

3)  The spa and pool are attached, therefore, the heater can only heat either the pool or the spa at one time.  If the spa is run excessively, it will cause the pool to cool down as it is not heat assisted.  Also, in the event that there are cool or cold evenings the pool temperature can drop overnight and will take several hours in the morning to heat back up.