5 Great Reasons to Escape in the Fall to Cape Coral!

As you well know, it doesn’t take long to see the vacation rental homes in Florida booked from January – May pretty quickly.  We are already booking into spring 2022! We also think it is worth pointing out that, contrary to some opinions, one shouldn’t overlooking planning a vacation during some of the really nice … Continue reading “5 Great Reasons to Escape in the Fall to Cape Coral!”


PROPERTY MANAGER = GOOD/BAD VACATION  The words “property manager” often conjure up thoughts of professional services that are of benefit to the vacation homeowner.  But if you are going to be renting for your next vacation, you will soon find out that they are also extremely beneficial to you. The property manager is usually the … Continue reading “PROPERTY MANAGER = A GOOD OR BAD VACATION”

Beds and Baths. Just a number?

It’s time to look for a vacation home for a summer getaway.  So you head to the vacation rental boards…put in the location, number of guests, and the dates. Up comes 3500 homes.    NOW.  Head to the filters.  Here is where your real wish list begins. Options will include a price range, number of … Continue reading “Beds and Baths. Just a number?”

Florida in the Summer

Maybe you can’t away this winter as you had hoped.  But summer is still a great time for vacations in Florida.  Yes it will be warm. All the more reason to pick a vacation home with a pool and waterfall, making it oh so easy to hang out. Or have on hand a boat to … Continue reading “Florida in the Summer”

Ready…Set…Escape to Amenities

Time to pack for vacation?  Remember why you chose a vacation home rental!  To escape insanity, isolate safely, AND to have all the comforts of home ready for you when you arrive. Planning a vacation not only involves choosing where to go and deciding on things to do, but also assessing the amenities that are … Continue reading “Ready…Set…Escape to Amenities”

Fun in Cape Coral

Finding the right spots to have fun while visiting Cape Coral and the surrounding area isn’t hard to do.  You are within a short drive to some of the finest golf courses, waterways, beaches and restaurants on the southwest side of Florida. 

Snorkeling in Southwest Florida

If you haven’t tried snorkeling,  there is no better time  to try it out than on your visit to Cape Coral. Besides being a great water sport where you never leave the surface, snorkeling provides benefits such as increasing lung capacity, providing better joint mobility, burning calories and is a great workout for your legs, … Continue reading “Snorkeling in Southwest Florida”

Fishing Spots

If you are visiting Cape Coral and hope to do some fishing, my bet is that the single biggest problem will be choosing which of the fishing sites you want to visit.  Cape Coral is a water wonderland with more than 400 miles of canals.  But that’s not all.  Those canals can take you to … Continue reading “Fishing Spots”

Restaurants You Will Want to Visit!

You will not run out of places to eat during your stay in Cape Coral but remember to make reservations in advance. We recommend using Open Table. We will continually add new establishments as the recommendations come in from our guests.  You are within close proximity to Ft. Myers, Naples, Captiva Island and Sanibel Island … Continue reading “Restaurants You Will Want to Visit!”