It’s time to look for a vacation home for a summer getaway.  So you head to the vacation rental boards…put in the location, number of guests, and the dates. Up comes 3500 homes.   

NOW.  Head to the filters.  Here is where your real wish list begins. Options will include a price range, number of beds and baths and whether you need a pool or hot tub.

Other most popular searches for vacation rentals (not necessarily in order) are:

  • the number of bedrooms and baths
  • pool
  • location proximity to venues or shopping
  • photos of the property

But let’s stop for a moment.  It is when you dig a little deeper that you begin to realize that those things on your list don’t always equate to deeper “wants, needs or expectations” of the vacation rental – things you might forget to think about.  

Pictures on a rental board will only tell a part of the story. Yes pics are beautiful and can certainly entice you into a stay.  BUT – it is the feeling you will get at the moment you walk through the front door will most certainly make you realize the impact of your decision. That moment should illicit a “wow!” or at least “this is great!”.  As you begin to walk around the property you will begin to notice things you knew or sometimes didn’t know about the property.

Therefore, the basis for this article is learning how to ask the right questions about a property.  It isn’t just about the amenities provided but how you will use the house “moment to moment” during your special vacation time.

So let’s talk beds and baths! When you do arrive, you will decide who is sleeping where (and hopefully that isn’t too tough of a decision as to who gets the master or a smaller bedroom).  You walk into your assigned space and all of the important functions of that bedroom comes into reality.

  • Is the bed comfortable?
  • Are the bed linens nice and are there enough?
  • Do you have room darkening blinds or draperies for sleeping in or taking naps?
  • Are there enough pillows so that you can spend time there reading, online surfing or just being alone?
  • Is there a TV so you don’t have to watch the show that’s on in the gathering room?
  • Is there a place to put your stuff such as closets, dressers and bathroom vanities?
  • Do you have your own bathroom or do you have to share it?
  • If sharing, how close are you to the bathroom?
  • Is the bathroom updated or difficult to use because it is outdated?

The most important feature though is the ability for you to escape to a place, away from fellow vacationers, to relax or just be alone. 

Maybe you want to read, take naps, watch YOUR shows on tv, or talk privately via phone or chat.  Listings don’t usually provide enough information for you to even think about it, but it is something you may want to keep in mind.

Cape Coral Home Away has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  Most consider 4 bedrooms as the ability to sleep 8 at the most.  But in planning this vacation home, we knew that often two families take off for adventures together and they like having playmates for their kids.

Our two master suites provide a wonderful escape for couples with spa bathrooms and an over-abundance of space for putting clothes and personal items away. 


Our two other bedrooms really top the amenity list as there are two double beds in each of those bedrooms.  They also share a balcony and bath next to the bedrooms.

These two bedrooms will allow for a couple with two kids each. Even on girls weekends away it means anywhere from 4-8 could share that space – depending on how well you know (and like) each other.

With enough closet space and dressers in each room, we have created a way to enjoy your space and the ability to keep personal things put away.

Think about how you will spend your time in the quieter moments of vacation and what is most important to you.  Make sure to contact the property manager as they know the home inside out and can help you with any concerns you might have.

Hope you will come stay with us!  You won’t regret it.

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